A panic button wherever you are

Offer your customers the peace of mind that they can call for help wherever they are. Pressing the panic button on the device will send a notification to your control room and SMS messages to the customer's nominated emergency contacts.

Cloud Emergency Platform

A cloud web based emergency platform that integrates a range of panic buttons. Our platform is available for control rooms in security estates, retirement homes and other security and emergency related services.

Two-way communication

Our range of panic buttons works similar to a cellular phone and enables your customer to communicate with the control room operator from the panic button device

Peace of mind that you can call for help

Offer your customers the peace of mind wherever they are. Your control room operator can speak directly to the person in distress via the panic button in order to establish the severity of the emergency,

Panic Button Features

Below are some the features you can expect from any of our panic buttons

  • Panic Button

    Every device has a single panic button when pressed and held for 3 seconds will send a panic signal

  • Two way communication

    The panic button works like a cellular phone and therefore makes two-way communication possible with the emergency operator or family / friend.

  • Battery Life

    Our devices range from 1 - 3 days battery life depending on cellular signal strength. Docking stations are available for easy charging.

  • Works anywhere

    As long as there is a good cellular signal, the panic button will work. All devices have their own removable SIM card.

Peace of Mind

Know that your loved one can call for help when they are alone and have a sudden emergency

Emergency Platform Features

Our cloud web based emergency platform is ready to run in your control room without any additional expensive hardware requirements.
Emergency Workflow

A built-in workflow for your operators to manage the emergency, with reports on time-to-first-response and other key performance indicators.

Emergency Location

The panic button will send an estimated GPS location for your responders to locate the position of the emergency

Customer Management

Manage your customer information like name, address, medical and allergy conditions, emergency contacts and notes.

Customer Profile

Provide your customer with their own profile to login and update their details.

Emergency SMS

The platform will notify up to 5 emergency contacts via SMS including a map to the estimated GPS location of the distress signal.

API Integration

We have a standard API integration layer that makes it simple for your developers to accept traffic directly from any of our devices. We also provide a simple API layer to manage the details of devices and customer and send panics to our platform.


MyLifeline literally saved my mom's life this week!! She had a medical emergency in the wee hours of the morning and they were so efficient and supportive!! Thanks so much!!!

These guys have the most amazing product. But perhaps even more importantly, they have the best customer service of any company I've dealt with. Ever. Seriously.

The pendant is amazing. Can be hidden under clothing so no one even knows my Mom is wearing it. Thank guys. I now have peace of mind when my Mom is alone.


  • Subscription

    You pay $2.50 per panic device per month. This excludes the actual cost of the device which needs to be purchased seperately.

  • Domain

    We will assign a custom domain that includes your brand name to your web platform like yourbrand.mylifeline.io

  • SMS

    We will send 5 emergency SMS and Low-battery SMS messages to your customers and their emergency contacts. SMS cost is for your account with a choice of integrations like Twilio, Clickatell and AWS. Custom integrations are also available.

  • Volume Discount

    We offer volume discounts on quantities exceeding 1000 panic buttons. Please contact us for a quotation.