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MyLifeline Software Guide for End-Users

MyLifeline Software Guide for End-Users

MyLifeline Software Guide for End-Users


Getting Started

Once you placed your order, you will receive an email that gives you access to manage your profile and devices. Once you received an email you should activate your profile by choosing a password within 24 hours otherwise your token will expire. You can choose the Reset Password option on the Login page to reset your password. If you have any problems, please email support@mylifeline.io.

Once you logged in click on Devices to show your list of devices, choose View on your specific device, which will present a detail screen of your specific device like below.


The Detail section will show the following detail of your device:

  • Product: MLL01 (Watch) or MLL07 (Pendant)
  • IMEI: The IMEI identification number of your device.
  • Serial: The Serial number of your device.
  • Number: The cell number of your device, you can give this number to your Emergency contact to contact you directly on the device.
  • Last State: The last state received from the device.
  • Active Track: This is only used for security companies that tracks their vehicles or staff in real-time.
  • Last Heartbeat: The last heartbeat time received from the device.
  • Battery Level: The percentage battery power that is remaining on the device.
  • Notes: Any notes that you have made to identify your device.

Emergency Contacts

This is the most important setting to do soon after your receive access to your profile. Under Contacts, click on the blue button and select the Emergency Contacts. Enter up to 5 contacts and click on the green Save button.

Name of User

Click the blue button on the Detail section, to enter the Name of the user. You can also add Notes to identify your device if you have more than one.

User Information

There are several User Information items that can be set under the User section. If you click on the blue button on the User section, you will presented with the following information items that you can set.

  • User Password
  • User Address
  • User Characteristics
  • User Medical
  • User Vehicle
  • User Animal (used to track Animals)
  • User Image (for better identification purposes when User is to be found by emergency services)


SMS Alerts are available for Low battery, Do not call, GPS fence enter and exit and Removal of the Watch. Click on the Alerts section and choose one of the options Alerts Main, Geo-Fence, Removal.

Alerts Main

You can configure the Low battery notification and Do not call device. Whenever the device reach 20% a low battery notification can be sent to you. The do not call option allows you to configure that the control room do not call the device. This option was requested from users who do not want to be called in a duress situation.


The Monitor section gives you a real-time view of your device, including the ability to track your device, speed and altitude as well as signals that was received by your device. 



The Events section allows you to see all the Panic events logged along with the Logs as they were captured by the control room.


The Advanced section allows configuration of the Volume, GPS Cycle, Remove Settings and Actions that include Restart and Power off.

  • Volume: Settings range from 1 (soft) - 6 (load) and can be set for incoming and speaker volume for when in a call.
  • GPS Cycle: This setting is is how frequent your device will return your GPS location to the system. On interval setting you can set this in minutes between 1 - 60 minutes. The longer the interval the longer your battery will last but may have a less accurate location when in a duress situation.
  • Remove Settings: This setting call also be set under Alerts. The watch have an anti-removal that can be configured to send an alert if the watch is removed during certain times. There are 5 time slots that can be configured. Each time slot has to be enabled.



There are three actions that can be used to interact with the device.

  • Restart: This action will restart your device.
  • Re-configure: This action will resend any settings to your device, this is normally not necessary but if you believe your settings need to be refreshed you can use this action.
  • Power Off: This can be used whenever you need to power off your device, like when boarding a plane. There is no alternative to turn of your device, except for the battery to run completely empty.



The Audit, will show you a log of all the events on your device through the use of the MyLifeline Software.