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A Panic Button for Peace of Mind

A Panic Button for Peace of Mind

A Panic Button for Peace of Mind
In today's day and age personal safety has become top of mind for many people. The way we used to live life on a daily basis has changed and with that change in many instances it has called for introspection and an adaptation to this new way of living.
What has not changed is crime, gender based violence and the need among all of us to feel safe and know that help will be there in a time of crisis. Many would ask how and where does one begin to address such a need? 
At MyLifeline our wearable pendant panic button is a perfect solution to curb and assist during an emergency or crisis. This wearable GPS pendant has its own SIM card so you are never disconnected when help is needed. It is also waterproof and can withstand the daily wear and tear of living with ease. When in need a 3 second press will send a GPS signal to our 24HR control room prompting action. This allows help to reach you quicker, every time. 
This wearable panic button also serves to assist:
1. The Elderly - Persons who are isolated and at times may need assistance in case of a fall or health related matter.
2. Motorists and Delivery Vehicles operating on our roads daily.
3. Individuals like woman or older children who may find themselves alone at home or in public spaces where their safety feels threatened.
4. Security companies who deal with countless safety cases on a daily basis. By incorporating our device into their reaction times it can shorten these and cut out unnecessary steps in getting someone the help they desperately need. 
5. Companies who care about their staff and wants to ensure the safety of employees who work in a face to face role and interacts with clients by appointment daily. 
6. People residing in Isolated areas - by using the Vodacom network you can be sure that your GPS device will be able to pin point your location with ease and get help as quickly as possible. 
Life is meant to be lived, and lived to the fullest by all. Our pendant gives you a Lifeline irregardless of where you may find yourself and provides that extra peace of mind you never thought you needed. 
Life as we know it may have changed, but your safety doesn't have to. 
To find out more about how our GPS Wearable Panic button can change your life visit www.mylifeline.co.za or email sales@mylifeline.io