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A Panic Device Wherever you are!

A Panic Device Wherever you are!

Safety and Security have always been top of mind but is easy to neglect and forget. Everyone has the desire to feel safe, and know that in an emergency help would be available. Whether you are driving long distances by yourself, or out shopping, or having a day out in a park, peace of mind remains important in any situation.

The MyLifeline Panic Pendant aims to address all these situations and more. With the unique benefit of not needing a cellphone or mobile application to function, this device is perfect to take with you, wherever you go. When a panic situation presents itself, a 3-second press is all it takes to send a panic signal, and also an SMS to five emergency contacts with an estimated GPS location.  The device is also waterproof, and ICASA approved. It has its own SIM card and capable of a two-way voice, meaning you can contact the device directly to establish and assess the situation.

My Lifeline has a 24/7 control room that monitors all devices. It is them who will respond and dispatch relevant emergency services once an emergency has been confirmed. Our device is not linked to an armed response, as we merely facilitate the communication between the device and the dispatching of emergency services like ambulance, or police, etc.

With business partners in seven countries, MyLifeline has come a long way since it’s inception in 2018, and are constantly looking at expanding their Global Footprint. Business partners who are passionate about an employee, and community safety benefits from exclusive pricing. With no capital outlay required, and the value adds to the existing customer base, is a win-win situation.

MyLifeline understands security, and the security industry as their roots are deeply grounded in the industry. They also have a deep understanding of the needs that come from communities, like elderly care, road safety, and personal safety.

They do safety, while you do life.