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Adjusting with you - MyLifeline

Adjusting with you - MyLifeline

Safety and security is an important aspect in any business or community, and as we move forward from what has been a year of change, we also need to consider how these two aspects have changed how we do things forever.

Before the pandemic struck we were used to a life that had less controlling factors than when the pandemic came to be. We did not wear masks, and washing hands was good practice but still an option. The crime was evolving, with criminals continuously trying to stay ahead of the solutions that were thought out to combat crime. As Covid-19 became more of a reality, and certain curfews were imposed on our movement and freedom, criminals once again had to adjust and find new ways to make a living. In turn, safety and security could under no circumstances remain what it was before - it had to adapt to a new environment to prevent and reduce crime. 


As we now enter a new season and fewer restrictions things will return to a new normal - and when it comes to the safety and security aspects, many are finding this new normal to be a challenge. With the latest crime statistics released, it is clear that certain crimes have decreased, and others like domestic violence and murder are on the increase. 


This has made everything a little more complicated than before, and that is why it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all people, no matter who or where they are. Things might never return to the normal we knew before, and the sooner we all adapt to it, the better.


Adapting to this new way of living is not easy. Many have lost their jobs, many have children that might not eat tonight because food has become a luxury. It is thus everyone's responsibility to help where possible and in any way possible - and by helping assist in reducing crimes of desperation. 


We've never been here before, but the fact is we will never return to where we were, things like safety, security, and criminal activity will constantly keep evolving to meet and keep up with our very own circumstances. It is up to us to manage it, and now more than ever, it will take courage and patience, as well as trial and error to get it right. 


At MyLifeline we are also learning to understand this new way of doing, this new way of conducting business, but the products at the core of our values remain the same and stand as a workable security solution for all. And it does work and is so much more relevant now than ever before.


We will continue doing what we do best, which is keeping you safe and making sure that when an emergency presents itself, there is help at hand, wherever you are.


Keep well, keep safe!