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Caring for those who cared for Us - MyLifeLine

Caring for those who cared for Us - MyLifeLine

When it comes to frail care we know that caring for those who has given so much of their time and energy, and love to you or yours is precious and with all you do, we understand that giving back is important. What better way to do so by making sure that our loved ones have access to help when needed. 

A current client recently took a bad fall and was able to press our GPS Panic Button to get assistance. If it was not for the fact that she was wearing her panic button who knows how long she would have had to wait for help.

We always assume that a situation won't happen to us, that somehow a crisis situation would skip us however life as we know has a way of delivering nasty surprises at the most obscene moments. 

It is thus important to have that peace of mind that in an emergency the help is instantly available. We also send out a notification with an approximate location to 5 contacts of your choosing immediately when the device is activated in an emergency situation. This GPS Panic Button is not limited to one location - it functions wherever a cellphone signal is available. You are thus ensured that it will function wherever you are, whether at home, work, on the road or during a shopping trip. 

Check with your security company if they stock our wearable GPS Panic Button. Make sure that the product you invest in comes from MyLifeline. To see how you can partner with us visit our website at www.mylifeline.co.za

With resellers in 7 Countries we are constantly looking to expand our global footprint.