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Choosing the correct security fit for your lifestyle.

Choosing the correct security fit for your lifestyle.

One could argue that safety and security is the responsibility of each individual. However, safety as it is, who do you trust with your safety and just how much power do you give to one person or company in taking care of what matters most to you. In the modern age options for increased safety and security has grown beyond the normal alarm unit in our homes. These days there are a flood of applications, mobile SOS buttons, CCTV systems, and perimeter control options. All these different options could be overwhelming to the first-time security enthusiast, and as safety is considered to be a big thing, one could easily be persuaded to buy into a product at a premium price that could have been obtained for a cheaper price overall. Before making any conscious decisions about security it is important to research your intended service provider and established their overall reputation in your area. The last thing you would want is to sign up with a premium service provider, only to find out later that they are known for slow response times, failure of installed equipment etc. It is also important to check that your service provider is in fact SAIDSA approved, this is the stamp of approval for most security companies in South Africa.

The other important factor when considering a safety or security solution is to do a thorough assessment of your environment do determine what is needed and at the same time what will work best for where you are. This could include anything from gated systems, burglar bars or lighting. Once you have done an assessment it is easier to get in touch with a professional to find out if they agree with your assessment or to discuss possible alternatives. When considering any security solution, it is important to ensure that you have a mobile element as part of your overall risk strategy. This is usually a panic button or similar that can be taken with you wherever you go, and is not limited to home use for example only. This type of stand-alone panic button eliminates in many cases the need for reaching for a cell phone, or a panic button mounted on a wall. Many of these devices are also waterproof and notifies emergency contacts about a potential emergency or panic situation. It is also great for use on the road, when away from home for extended periods of time, or simply as a safety companion when using public transport or similar.

MyLifeline has a range of panic pendants available which are completely independent and has their own SIM card and number. The device is capable of two-way voice and has an average battery life of 3 days under good network conditions. It also gives security companies or authorities access to your health information such as blood type, allergies, and chronic diseases without the need for direct communication. This speed up the process of getting assistance in an emergency with the correct information on hand for personnel to use. The device itself is small and compact, and able to be worn on keys or around the neck.

To find out more about the MyLifeline panic pendant please visit our website at www.mylifeline.io or alternatively contact us at sales@mylifeline.io for more information about it, and current special offers for business partners and individuals.