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Consider security, with this checklist, when purchasing a new Residential property.

Consider security, with this checklist, when purchasing a new Residential property.

When buying a new residential property, it is important to make safety and security a part of your consideration before buying. Besides considering the area you are buying in, and the relevant crime statistics of the area, as well as the security companies operating in the community, it is also important to look at the property itself. Many owners have different views on security, and what is considered safe, but there are a few things you can pin down from the start when considering a new home.

  1. Windows – Many old properties do not have burglar bars on the windows, or the bars that are there, are outdated and need changing. When considering protection for your windows, it is always important to consider something that would work in any emergency. Usually Trelidoor slidable window doors allows for the burglar proofing to be unlocked, and could provide an escape route if there is a fire or other emergency that requires an alternative exit, rather than the main exits.
  2. Gates – Usually in terms of access, you want to be sure that your front and back entrances if applicable are covered. If you have a passage separating the main living areas from the rest of the house, it would be good to look at a third gate in the passage, to ensure maximum peace of mind while sleeping, and that if access is gained to the front of the house, that the perpetrators can’t get to the other side of the house.
  3. Alarms and Beams – An alarm system in any house is always a good idea. Ones that are linked to a 24/7 control room is even better. When a security assessment of the property is conducted, your security consultant will advise where to place eyes and door contacts for maximum security. If you happen to be buying a property with a large garden your security consultant may advise the use of beams in the garden, for early intruder detection. If you have pets, it would be good to consider the pet friendly option.
  4. Cameras – Although it is not a necessity, some people prefer to have cameras installed for easy monitoring.
  5. Panic Buttons – Besides your standard alarm panic buttons installed in the house, it is advisable to invest in a stand-alone panic button, preferably one that does not need a phone or mobile application to operate, and that is also capable of two-way voice. This will allow for extra peace of mind, even when you are not at home, as you can take it with you wherever you go.
  6. Electric Fencing – Many people enjoy the safety that electric fencing provides.
  7. Lights – When investing in your new property, it is important to assess the lighting on the outside of the property. Make sure that at night dark areas and corners have sufficient security lighting.
  8. Electronic Gate and Garage – Although automation of garages is not a necessity, it can serve as a barrier when arriving home late at night. By remaining in the vehicle while the garage is closing, it provides an extra layer of security with garages that offers direct access to the house.

When buying a new property, one wants to feel safe, and by following the above guidelines one can easily put your own emergency plan in place. One can never be too prepared, so when considering investment in property, consider your investment in your own safety too. It’s the sensible thing to do.