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Does your security solution tick the right boxes?

Does your security solution tick the right boxes?

With the easing of restrictions, crime is once again on the rise, and criminals are making full use of the new, and more relaxed atmosphere. When considering safety and security, it is important to consider all factors when looking at a security solution. Whether you are an individual, or company looking to provide services, it is important that the chosen solution ticks all the right boxes.

How accessible is said solution?

With so many products on the market, considering which one is more accessible is a wise choice. Do you need your cellphone to make use of the security device? Do you need an application on your mobile phone to work the solution? Is the device capable of two-way voice? When answering the listed questions, consider the solution that in an emergency would require the least amount of effort, and in cases draw the least amount of attention to yourself and others.

Does the device offer GPS tracking?

Many devices offer a form of GPS tracking, but many are restricted to a certain area or location, and loses signal once you leave the fenced area. There is no rule as to where situations of panic occur or how they develop, thus when consider a security device, consider one that works wherever you are.

How resilient is the device?

Many conventional devices today do not carry the specifications of modern devices, which makes them more affordable, but less reliable. When opting for a safety device, choose one that is IP67 certified and ICASA Approved. This way you can be guaranteed of reliability in an emergency situation.

What does the device do in an emergency?

When considering a security solution, first have a look at what happens when the device is activated. Is the device linked to an armed response, or is it monitored 24/7 by a control room? Also, who gets notified when the panic is activated? Make sure that the relevant steps that are followed works for you, and more importantly test your device on a regular basis.

Is the device linked to monitoring software?

Plenty of panic buttons used in residential estates is just a button on its own working off of signal posts in order to function. More modern devices, like MyLifeline offers free software to monitor your devices location, upload contacts, and a very detailed health record via a unique URL. This is perfect for relatives and family members wanting peace of mind. Make sure you check what a device offers you before making a decision, and if you can link more than one device, where multiple devices are involved.

Does the device supplier offer a guarantee?

Once you have purchased your device, if for some reason it is not working to your satisfaction, can you return it or are you stuck with red tape, and no return policies. We offer all clients a 14-day return policy, where if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you the cost of your purchase, minus transport costs, provided the device is returned in original condition.

Does the device have battery limitations?

It is important to note the battery life when choosing a security device to ensure that the device is functioning optimally in an emergency situation. Knowing how long, and when to charge a device is vital. Note that network conditions will affect device performance, as the battery will drain faster when connecting and disconnecting from signal towers.


Choosing the correct security solution for you, your business, company, or family can be a daunting task. If not certain on what exactly it is you want from the solution, make a list and as mentioned, be sure it ticks all the boxes in terms of need.