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How to Navigate the New Normal - MyLifeline

How to Navigate the New Normal - MyLifeline

Life is not worry free, most of the time life is filled with worries about career, growth, and finances. Apart from those mentioned, we worry about other things as well, like our children, our family, friends, and parents. With the added pressure from the Corona Virus pandemic, life for many went from stressful to almost unbearable. The stress and worry many had before, has only increased, offering little hope of a worry-free life at the moment.

It is so easy to tell someone that things, as bad as they may seem, will be fine. We are often encouraged to look at the bigger picture, the wheel that turns, and that will in the end work in our favor. The question is, how do we survive and manage till then?

When one considers mental and physical wellbeing, it is important to evaluate your levels from a few months ago, to now, and then identify the gaps. The best idea would be to start with the small things, do not try to change your state of mind, and your habits in one day. Look for room for improvement, see what small things you could do to get yourself back on track. Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercise is a good place to start. Getting yourself in a solid routine can also do away with many of the variables that could keep you off your game. The most important thing to remember that even though we may want to, we cannot control what is going to happen today, or tomorrow, or next week. Instead, we can plan, we can try to be prepared by planning ahead. Take time to sit and plan – even just for twenty minutes a day, and don’t worry if the plans do not always work out the first time, the point is you are trying and that is good enough!

Worry less by looking at ways to minimize risk or getting to the root cause of your concern. When it comes to family, friends, or our parents it is important to note what is causing us to worry. Is it their safety and security? Is it because they have to drive alone, or take a long trip on their own? Is it because of a crisis presenting itself in their lives? Whatever it may be, it is important to take note of what we can change, and those things we cannot.

Wherever you are in life at this point in time, take control of what you can. Don’t exhaust yourself by setting unreasonable expectations. Take care of yourself first, and those whom you love, and give life your best, whatever that best may be. You are one person, so live your life by putting yourself first in situations that need your attention. Do what you can do, cause doing is enough, doing is trying.