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Is change healthy to your Business, or are you opposed to change?

Is change healthy to your Business, or are you opposed to change?

We all know the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket,” and at some point in our lives, we are all guilty of this. Often when talking to people, I hear the words, “We already have something, and it’s working for us.” When it comes to Safety and Security, it is often necessary to reconsider the current way we operate and adjust as necessary. Change is never nice, but in business and especially in a security business it is often crucial. All persons involved in the care and protection of others have a responsibility to ensure that they offer the very best and latest in technology to their customers. It is easy to say, it is working, or that we have this already, but as a salesperson, I won’t be doing my duty if I did not tell you that what you have currently, could be improved. How would you know if the only response is a solid no, or no thank you? How would you evaluate your current setup without first giving a new opportunity a chance or testing it?


It comes down to comfort, it goes in hand with, “If something is working, why change it?” It is a conversation that should be internal and considered. At the end of the day when sales are taken out of the picture, is it not just then about care, and care for others? Is there not a bigger picture behind providing security? When do we take our resistant mask off and say, this is about a vulnerable family, or person and I must do whatever I can to make sure that their right to safety is acknowledged and respected? In my opinion, if you not doing it all, you not doing it right, and if you are willing to try, that is a good starting point for any company.


Here are some items to consider:


Product: When it comes to your current setup, is there room for improvement? The reality is, there are many service providers and products out there, but how do you choose the right one? The simplest way I feel to do this is to ask yourself, when an emergency does happen, how long will it take for me to get help. Do I first need to get my phone? Do I need to first go into an application to push a panic? Do I need to find a panic button in my house first? If any of these questions has a yes answer followed by a but, the reaction time is already too long. Do you accept it as fact, or will you consider a panic button that does not need a phone to operate, worn around the neck, or keys means 3 seconds is all it takes, no matter where you are? If your current setup offers all this, then well done.


Pricing: This is often the place where most negotiations break down, but it’s often also the main source of problems. Often we think a product is too pricy, we don’t once a decision on another product has been made to consider that there might be a better and more affordable option out there. The process of changing what you believe works, is often daunting so most times we accept and leave it there. Is this doing all you can to ensure safety and security is accessible to all? Technology changes all the time, and it is your responsibility to stay ahead of the pack as a security service provider or company.


Thought: The drawing board is where the thought comes in. Instead of only thinking, this is what I have, we should change that way of thinking to, what is still possible and where can I improve. If you cannot visualize a product and how it could work in your environment, then the product may not be for you, or you have not discussed it with the other party to find out how it could work. It takes nothing to get information and have a conversation, it is two things that are always free.


It is so easy today to miss something, to miss an opportunity to improve because let’s face it, the pace in which we operate daily has increased tenfold. It brings us back to your responsibility as a security company or business and ultimately your responsibility as an individual – Am I fulfilling all my duties in terms of safety and security by not giving a response to something that may change the way I  do things, but at the same time will increase response times, and most importantly make how emergency assistance is requested easier, and more affordable in the long run.


Maybe there is some truth and sense to the saying about having all your eggs in one basket. Yes, it provides easy management, it provides focus on one thing in a controlled environment, but you also miss other things that could be of value, and not seeing the full picture means opportunity will pass you by. Maybe if something works, why change it? But, then again, why not? Things can always be done better and improved.


Your responsibility, in the end, is life, in your hands, yours to improve. If you do that and do all you do with consideration and an open mindset about change and improvement, you deserve a thank you, and a big one at that.