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Is there such a thing as "safe" enough?

Is there such a thing as "safe" enough?

When it comes to safety and security, the main question I always ask is, can we ever be safe enough? Is there something as over planning when it comes to our safety environments, and what is considered as not really planning at all?

I don’t think there exists such a thing as being too prepared, and as such planning and reevaluation of plans should take place on a regular basis. There are many out there who still chooses the “this won’t happen to me.” approach which is unfortunate, especially since we are living in very uncertain times. Some would argue they never get the time to address the security concerns of the business or employees, thus safety and security often become the thing we do when rushed for time. The other big factor when it comes to safety and security, is the cost, and energy and time used to implement a new security solution, and that often it is more of an issue to do than it is not.

Many companies and individuals come to us looking for a security solution and those that actually followed through with their plans are seeing the benefits. They took the step and planned for future incidents which are important, it does not mean they are immune to crime and the effects thereof, it just means they are better prepared than the guy who said, “it won’t happen to me.”

It is understandable that there are many products out there, and often the choice in choosing can be confusing, but it should not stop you from making the decision that could potentially save a life. If the company you are talking to is not offering you something that would prove it’s worth as a company so to speak, you are talking to the wrong people. If the company you are dealing with, if their main concern is safety and security, they will attempt to show you that the product works and that it does what it says it does.

This is the main difference between us and others. At MyLifeline we advise you to test our product first, see how it works in your environment and then after two weeks decide if it is, in fact, something that would work for you in the long term. To read more about our 14 – day return guarantee visits our website at www.mylifeline.co.za

All in all, safety and security will always require attention, sometimes more than other issues in business. After all, you are dealing with human beings in the end, lives that in for example a courier service setting requires you to keep them safe, and ensure their safety, and if you over plan then so be it, but when you think about the life-saving opportunity, the rest should not matter.

I really admire the planners in our society, and yes, not everyone is good at planning. But one needs to consider that some companies are there, and exist to help you plan, where you cannot. Others will try to sell you something, and then move on as quickly as possible, unfortunately these relationships do exist.

So who do we trust when it comes to safety and security?

Trust the company that knows your story, and treats it as important. Trust the company that takes all the pointers from your story, and puts your mind at ease regarding every pointer mentioned. Most of all trust the company that is going to listen to all you have to say, and not just rush past the details that are of importance to you and your business.

In the end safety and security remains something that is personal, something that when planned should perhaps in some manner be over-planned, as we are dealing with more than just a person.

Consider That!