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Keeping your workforce safe on the roads - MyLifeline

Keeping your workforce safe on the roads - MyLifeline

In the workplace there is nothing more important than the safety of staff, delivery drivers and those employees that interact with clients on a daily basis. Covid19 may have changed the workplace environment forever but crime has not changed. In fact, when it comes to crime and safety in the workplace and on our roads, it is now more than ever important to be safe, stay safe and feel safe. 

Roads are a crucial component of South Africa’s transport system and economy. According to the Land Transport Survey, which was released by Statistics South Africa in 2018, 77.3% of freight categorized as land freight in South Africa is hauled on its roads, accounting for 73.8% of total land freight income. Source:  https://www.gov.za/about-sa/transport

The same can be said for the rest of the world that relies heavily on land freight and a road transport system.

With this statistic in mind it sets the reality of just how many workers deliver goods and services to individuals and companies on a daily basis. Furthermore, when it comes to the safety of these hard-working individuals the question to be answered is, what has been available to drivers and delivery guys up until now where an emergency situation presented itself that required immediate action? 

Up until now the use of mobile technology on the roads has dominated and prescribed how things should be done. A call is sometimes the only way to get assistance to a location and often only happens after an incident has occurred.

With the introduction of our wearable GPS Panic Device we believe that by putting one of these in every driver’s hand will rapidly reduce risk and increase safety of those operating on our roads. With our technology in their valuable hands a 3 second press is all it would take to receive assistance. This panic reaction is also likely to be quicker since the button can be pressed before an incident occurs. By using the Vodacom Network, you are also assured that your devices within your fleet are always connected and with real time monitoring you are always able to track and ensure their safety. This truly is a panic button no matter where you are. 

In the case of an emergency, the panic signal will immediately be sent to our control room or the control room of your security service provider of choice. At the same time the five emergency contacts allocated to the specific user will receive an SMS, providing them with an approximate location and an alert that something is wrong. Our control room will try and contact the driver using our two-way voice system and emergency services will be dispatched once an emergency situation has been established. 

Help is no longer a phone call or SMS away. Reaction to a situation doesn't have to occur only after a hijacking or robbery has already taken place. Now you can take care of your employees no matter where they find themselves and in the quickest way possible. This limits risk to those who you value most, often the backbone of our country and irreplaceable in the value chain. 


For further benefits on how this award winning tech can help your business visit our website or send us an email to  sales@mylifeline.io 

Our product is available and operates worldwide. With resellers in 6 different countries we are always looking at expanding our global footprint.

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