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Looking back while looking forward - MyLifeline

Looking back while looking forward - MyLifeline

In 2018 a dream came true for MyLifeline when they won the 2018 Sanlam safety Ideas competition, walking away with the title and R200 000 in seed funding. The wearable Panic Device created by Anton Swanevelder and Herman Bester was created with one mindset and purpose in mind; to make communities feel safer. Now in 2020, looking back, MyLifeline has successfully done what they set out to do, and the company keeps growing. With business partners in seven countries, MyLifeline continues to expand above and beyond what was originally thought possible. The creation of this award-winning panic device was a journey of learning and discovery, and they are not done yet.

MyLifeline is constantly innovating and testing the market it seeks to operate in. With a strong focus on B2B marketing, the ultimate goal is to find business partners in and around South Africa, to carry forward their dream of improving community safety and assisting companies big and small in achieving their safety goals.

With the latest crime statistics released, it makes sense why MyLifeline has a very unique place in the market and why there is a definite need for a panic button like this. The stand out differentiator between MyLifeline and others lies deeply rooted in their values of integrity, reliability, and efficiency. What sets this product apart from others is that it does not require a cell phone to operate, the device has its own SIM Card and is capable of two-way voice. It is also ICASA approved and waterproof. The device is capable of functioning anywhere a mobile signal is available, making it the perfect companion on any journey.

The dream of what MyLifeline, and what it could be, is not yet complete. The benefit of this Panic device in industries such as trucking and transport, delivery services, security services, real estate, and elderly care is at this point in time a resource that is very much untapped. This is also where MyLifeline feels it can make the most impact, with affordable and cost-effective security solutions.

Many organizations, companies, and community safety groups, and even people are often hesitant when they have already invested in one solution. The thing is many don’t want to acknowledge the benefit of a device, that when thought about in detail, makes perfect sense in every way. We are so reliant on mobile technology and applications that we can’t imagine using a device that does not need all the fancy stuff. It is there in an emergency, either around your neck, or on your keys, and only takes a 3-second press to emit a panic signal.

If you have a need for the MyLifeline Panic button in your business or in your community get in contact, and let’s have a conversation. There are no upfront costs and no capital outlay to implement. Costs are currently made up of:

1)The device at R999.00 excluding VAT *

2) Monthly management fee starting from as low as R39.00 pm per device *

3) Cost for the magnetic charger and line yard. **

4) Courier fees where applicable


* Actual cost may differ based on individual circumstances. Costs valid at the date of publication.

** Actual costs may differ based on individual circumstances.

In the words of our Co-Founder, Herman Bester, “My advice is to never give up. If you have a big idea, keep pushing and build connections with the big companies who can help you through the tough times,”

Now, more than ever, we need each other.