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Why Your organisation could benefit from a MyLIfeline Panic Button

Why Your organisation could benefit from a MyLIfeline Panic Button

There is truth in the concept that companies must constantly grow and innovate to stay ahead of the times. With technology constantly changing and advancing at a rapid pace, it is up to businesses not to fall behind, and this includes adapting and making use of the latest in security technology. 


Many struggle to see the benefits that a well thought out and innovative security device can bring, and as humans at the core of any corporation, often we fear change and what it would mean for us in the long run.


That being said it remains important to embrace this change when it can only benefit and positively influence the future. There are many options, and often our lack in choosing is because of a distinct lack of understanding. 


The MyLifeline Wearable Panic Button is perfect for addressing safety and security needs. Unlike other similar products on the market, this device can easily be incorporated into any work environment. 


  1. An organisation whose primary function is transport, courier services, deliveries or seeing clients face to face. This function often involves extended hours on the road, driving in high risk areas, and driving at unusual times outside of daytime areas. 

Our panic button: 

  1. Can be worn around the neck or on keys.
  2. Is ICASA approved, makes use of it's own SIM card and is capable of two way voice, cutting out the need for a cellphone or a mobile application. A 3 second press is all it takes to get assistance in the form of police, medical or otherwise. 
  3. The device is monitored independently by our 24/7 control room or can be monitored where a company or entertainment complex makes use of their own control room.
  4. Our software is free and easy to use. 
  5. Our device allows for self monitoring via a unique URL, giving an approximate GPS location no matter where you are.
  6. Our device works wherever a cellphone signal is available. 
  7. Your organisation can select up to 5 emergency contacts for every device connected ensuring maximum responsiveness in the case of an emergency. 
  8. Apart from the device itself you only pay a small management fee per device, per month making it cost effective and affordable even for small companies. 


We at MyLifeline value safety, and coming from a solid security background we understand first hand what it means to keep people and assets safe. It is for this reason that one can extend the use of our Wearable Panic Button into resedential estates and even retirement homes. 


  1. A security guard patrolling grounds or shopping malls can call for help quicker and easier without the need to use a mobile phone or radioing in the incident first. 
  2. A resedential estate can assign a device per family or household as part of their community safety initiatives. This enables all houses in an estate to be able to call for help quicker and more effectively in an emergency. 
  3. Retirement homes who deals with the most senior of our society can offer their residents peace of mind, knowing that if a fall or some other medical emergency should present itself, that help is just a 3 second press away. This eliminates the need for them to get to an intercom or press a set panic button somewhere in the home that could in many instances be unreachable. 
  4. An entertainment complex or Casino who depends on security in many areas of operation - and who often has a large force deployed on premises can make use of the wearable panic button as an extra security measure. The same goes for schools, Universities, and other large and complex managed sites. 
  5. Existing security companies can market and distribute our Wearable Panic Button to their existing client base with minimal disruption to operations. Times when one needed a cellphone to send a panic alert or using a device that only operates in a certain location is a thing of the past. With MyLifeline you have help no matter where you are and you do not need a cellphone. 


Consider today how MyLifeline can change the way your company or organisation do things for the better, providing a more secure and safe environment for everyone involved. Consider what you have been doing up to now, and how using our Wearable panic button can increase response times and create a safer work and living environment in general. 


Get in touch with us today and let's discuss your business needs. Let's work our award winning tech into your business and into your life. You can depend on MyLifeline to bring you great service, and great care in all we do. 


For a free assessment to evaluate your companies potential use of our Wearable Panic Button send us a contact request via our website and we will call you. Let's talk. 



Caring for those who cared for Us - MyLifeLine

Caring for those who cared for Us - MyLifeLine
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