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The device for safety and security - the stand-alone panic from MyLifeline

The device for safety and security - the stand-alone panic from MyLifeline

The end of 2020 is finally in sight, and it is almost time to unwind and relax as we enter the festive season. It has been a hard year for the security industry, with highs and lows all-round. The coronavirus has had a negative impact on many households, costing jobs, loss of income, and a new way of life for all of us. This impact has seen a rise in criminal activity, as those most affected grows desperate, creating a climate for a new wave of crime and criminals. These crimes very much follow opportunity, and is happening more at places that people frequent to visit like restaurants and shopping malls. Smash and grab at intersections has also increased as criminals try to target anyone and everyone who are vulnerable.

These desperate attempts have called on all of us to be more vigilant, and also increase our level of security at a time when it is needed most. As crime increases, and criminals become more and more opportunistic, it is vital that we assess our security options, and arm ourselves with a method of getting help, and getting help quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Although many companies may offer a suitable solution, it is important to note that not all products will offer the same amount of benefits and features as the other, and although it might feel responsible to point out how similar they are, it is important to be aware that choosing one similarity over the other could potentially save your life in an emergency.

People are slowly moving away from mobile applications that forces you to carry a phone while driving or at home, merely because in an emergency where every second counts, it takes valuable time to get your phone, unlock it, open an app, and alert to a panic situation. The benefits of having a mounted panic button at home on a wall, also calls for you to actually get to the panic button in an emergency, which is not always possible either.

The only logical option is to have a stand-alone panic button capable of receiving calls to the device itself, which can be worn, and be with you 24/7. The MyLifeline Panic device is an independent device that does not need a cellphone or mobile application to function. It works wherever a mobile signal is present. A 3-second press is all it takes to send a panic signal and your estimated GPS location to five emergency contacts. Our free software offers complete management of all health-related information to ensure that it can be accessed in times when you might be unable to provide this information yourself.

Our panic device has in the past been a very helpful tool to those living on their own or the elderly. In recent times our device is also working to keep those workers safe that are commuting to a residential estate each day, and our device assists many security companies and individuals on a daily basis offering peace of mind. MyLifeline currently has business partners in seven countries which makes our device the device of choice in an emergency. 

Safety and security remain an important aspect of everyday life, even now more than before, and being one of the only devices created and tested from an approved SAIDSA control room, the choice should be a simple one. 

To find out more about our product and services visit our website at www.mylifeline.io or contact us at sales@mylifeline.io for more information.