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The panic device made for safety - now FREE to companies in SA for a limited time

The panic device made for safety - now FREE to companies in SA for a limited time

The use of a mobile panic button is no longer a need, but a necessity. It is important to choose the correct panic button solution for your security needs. What is different about the stand-alone panic button from MyLifeline is that unlike other devices which are linked to a cellphone, you do not need a cellphone or mobile application to use our device. The device is completely independent and comes with its own number and SIM card. A three-second press of the matchbox device is all that is needed to send a panic signal, and SMS to five emergency contacts with your location. In the event of an emergency, the preferred control room or service provider will contact the device directly to establish the nature of the emergency. Our software is free to use to all new business partners, and in most instances all that is needed is a body and a station to monitor the software for panic alerts. This is a handy tool to have, especially in residential estates, where more than one unit will have their own panic button. These can be easily labelled by unit number and monitored using an existing security setup or control station. The MyLifeline panic device is also unique, in that it is not limited to one specific location. The device can be worn on keys, and can travel with potential clients to different destinations. Our device only requires access to a mobile tower for connection, and works anywhere a mobile signal is present. This is good for those in the transport industry, who manages a fleet of delivery vehicles, offering peace of mind in the event of an emergency, and immediate access to assistance. Our device is also helpful to those who live on their own, or in isolated areas. The elderly specifically benefits from our device as it is waterproof, and can be used in the bath or shower, and is always near should a fall occur. No need to reach for a panic button mounted on a wall or a panic button only accessible by phone.


MyLifeline currently has business partners in seven countries, and we are expanding our reach during the month of December and January. Besides offering you as a new business partner 15% off on your first order, we will also offer you the option of testing our panic device in your environment free of charge for 14 days. If after 14 days you are not confident in our product, and the free software that comes with it, you simply return it to us in its original condition – no questions asked. This is the ideal time though for you to find purpose and confidence in our product, take it on holiday, give one to an employee, a parent or loved one, test it to its limits, without paying a single cent.

If, however you find value in our product, and the various ways it offers peace of mind in an emergency, you can look forward to a prosperous journey with MyLifeline. We walk the distance with you, from implementation to distribution, we assist with everything. Marketing services are also offered as an option for you to utilize.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, contact us at sales@mylifeline.io with your company specific information and needs. We will be in touch to organize delivery of your devices.