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The year that was 2020 - MyLifeline

The year that was 2020 - MyLifeline

With the new year rapidly approaching it is important to reflect on the year that was, and if given a choice based on the recent rise in Covid-19 infections what we take from this year into 2021. During 2020 we all had to adjust to a new way of living, a new way of interacting, working, and even socializing. Many lost jobs, some closed businesses and others who were worse off to begin with found themselves in a even worse situation than before. The year 2020 saw an increase in crime as people tried to survive, and where a food parcel simply was not enough to get people through the hard times. People were confined to homes, stuck at borders, and not allowed to see family or friends. This created a new mental challenge as depression set in, and tested many relationships as people were forced to be around each other all the time, and kids were left with no schooling, no interaction of any kind. If one were to accurately summarize 2020, I would have to say that trauma is an accurate word to insert into the summary of what the year held for all of us.

The security industry in particular suffered as people cancelled contracts and services to save money. If there was ever a resilient industry then it has to be the safety and security industry. With the increase in crime various neighborhood watches and security companies had to adjust to a new type of criminal, a desperate criminal. New methods of monitoring and response had to be implemented to ensure adjustment to the new way of living, and people who were found breaking rules had to be dealt with in a delicate but firm manner.

MyLifeline also had to adjust to meet the new demands, especially when the initial lockdown ended. As courier companies, and delivery vehicles became targets for criminals and home invasions increased people wanted to feel safe, no matter where they were. With our standalone panic device people wanted something reliable, that did not require a person to have a cellphone, or a mobile application installed on a cellphone, but rather something that could be worn around the neck or on keys, and that was immediately available with a 3-second press of the device. The added benefit of the devices GPS functionality, and free software for monitoring purposes was a great value add. We saw an increase in the demand for wearable devices, with our panic devices retaining popularity.

As much as we do not know what the new year holds, it is important to take stock of the positives and keep them close. We might find ourselves adjusting to the new way of living for a long time, what is behind us or how things were done before may never present themselves again, and the sooner we adjust, the better for all of us. Yes, things like crime may continue to increase and change but value your safety and the safety of your family by making sure you are secure and protected, and be grateful towards the unsung heroes of your community. Be thankful for those patrolling our streets, making sure that we are safe, and able to live our lives uninterrupted.

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